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Generally speaking, there are three types of fence layouts. Note that all three tend to cost approximately the same.

A loop of copper signal wire is installed several inches underground (with no disruption to your property) and connected to a terminal in your house or garage.

Your pet is fitted with a special collar designed to receive signals from the wire. Approaching the fence activates a warning signal; crossing the wire results in a mild shock.

Following a couple weeks of training, your pet will be able to freely roam the yard, unattended, confident and safe. Pet Stop is here to work with you each step of the way. Your pet's safety and happiness is our top priority.
The Perimeter Loop

This is our most common and the most straightforward layout. The side facing the street is often pulled in closer to the house.
The Hourglass Layout

This layout consists of a pair of loops in the front and back yards. With this setup, your dog can freely move about in either yard, but is unable cross over from one into the other. It is our second most common fence layout.
The Double Loop

The double loop is used to fence off only the front or back yard. It is most often used on the occasion that difficult terrain prevents the installation of a full perimeter loop.

Any installation can be customized as needed. Pet Stop will work to suit your personal preference, contact us today!